Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Kill Scorpions

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Despite your frustrations, there is a simple way to rid your home and yard of scorpions.

Pest Control Services will tell you they can rid your home of them, encouraging you to sign up for monthly service for $55/month or more. Trusting them, you may sign on but will soon realize their products only work for a week or two at the most. Yet believing you may not have other options, you continue paying them to spray, hoping to the future may be different.

Unfortunately, it won't, and the Pest Control Service counts on this and your feeling of helplessness.

In fact some people, reaching the breaking point, have chosen to sell their home, believing they had no other option.

The purpose of this blog is to let people know there are effective options, one's which are all natural, effective, approved as a food grade pesticide, and child/pet safe.

It's Cedar Oil, our product of choice.

What makes us different than the claims of Pest Control Companies? It's simple, if you purchase the product and it doesn't work, I permanently lose you as a customer, and as a marketing opportunity through your success, spreading the news of how effective Cedar Oil is.

Though we advertise, 95% of our business is through word of mouth.

We live in Cave Creek, and on average, had 20-30 scorpions per month. We now spray Cedar Oil every month and a half to two months, keeping our house scorpion free.

Cedar Oil functions as a pesticide, and a repellent.

If you have a pest control service now, ask the technician how comfortable he/she would be spraying their product on their own skin and leaving it there, and watch their reaction.

Why even ask? It's simple, Cedar Oil can be safely used as insect repellent, as well as an alternate to flea and tick treatments for your pets.

Not only will Cedar Oil rid you home of Scorpions, but of all pests. Used outside the home, it can be used to deter Rattlesnakes as they are extremely sensitive to Cedar Oil and will avoid it at all costs.

As of December 9th, 2012 , PCO Choice Concentrate shall be available at the new low price of

$90.00 per quart                 ($10.00 of the previous price of $100.00)

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